Defense Base Act Law Firm Garfinkel Schwartz helps brave civilian contractors obtain medical care and money in case of injury. If you were hurt working in Iraq, Afghanistan or any military zone around the world. Talk to us, absolutely free. The insurance company pays us, NOT YOU.

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Our history

A rich heritage

The law firm is named for founder and attorney Alan Bennett Garfinkel, and in memoriam for  John M. Schwartz, Esq.

Leo Garfinkel, Alan Bennett Garfinkel’s father, fought in World War II. He was an MP (military policeman).  His father fought  In World War I.  Alan’s father-in-law, John M. Schwartz, who for decades had a thriving practice in Titusville, was a captain in the military during the Vietnam War.

John Schwartz, after whom the Garfinkel Schwartz, P.A., legal firm was named, was involved in the Defense Base Act area of practice for more than 40 years. John’s father, Sydney Schwartz also practiced in this area of law.

John led and ran the Longshore and Harbor Worker’s practice in Titusville, Florida, as a commitment made over several generations to continue to serve the many former military members who have stepped in to work for defense contractors in war torn lands.

Bennett and Landon Garfinkel, Alan’s sons, are talented legal and medical researchers. They work with Garfinkel Schwartz to be fourth generation lawyers and carry on the tradition of their great-grandfather, both his grandfathers (Leo Garfinkel and John Schwartz) and his father’s law practice.

Together there is a heritage of legal and military professionalism and commitment driving this family-centric business.

Garfinkel Schwartz Longshore and Defense Base Act attorney Brian Wiklendt represents contractors and has over 20 years of experience.  Brian worked previously for insurance companies and is very familiar with the extent to which insurance companies go to deny claims.

Garfinkel Schwartz will represent clients so that they receive the very best possible medical care to ensure a quality life, one family at a time.

Our Skilled and Dedicated Team

  • Alan Garfinkel, Founder, Attorney
  • Brian Wiklendt, Lead Counsel Attorney
  • Landon Garfinkel, Legal Assistant
  • Giselle Garcia, Attorney
  • Rory Tufts, Paralegal
  • Cristina Tapia, Legal Assistant
Alan Garfinkel
Brian Wiklendt
Giselle Garcia

The reason this practice area is so personal for me is due to my son and the medical issues he's had throughout his life. The challenges in getting Bennett medical care that helped him have hit such a personal chord for me, I understand what families and clients are going through.

Alan Garfinkel Founder

You can call me any time 24 hours a day. We have an answering service and on call staff 24/7. We’ll get back to you with any kind of questions. We have helped thousands of families and we want to help yours!

Brian Wiklendt Lead Counsel

Living and experiencing the events my husband went through as a Marine and war veteran has helped me connect and understand my clients’ necessities at a different level. There is no better fulfillment than helping those in need one family at a time.

Giselle Garcia Defense Base Act Counsel