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Third country nationals are covered under dab

Who is covered under DBA

Which Nationalities


All nationalities are covered under Defense Base Act

Regardless of nationality, if you work under any DoD or DoS contract, you might be covered under DBA Insurance. Ask your employer about your rights and potential benefits when you are deployed overseas.

Death Benefits

The Defense Base Act Law covers medical care, death benefits and compensation for civilian contractors working for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) in Iraq Afghanistan war zones and danger zones around the world. If a family member, a loved one, a relative or anyone you know dies working in a danger zone, they may have been a civilian contractor working for a sub-contractor of the U.S. government, because of which they become eligible to receive benefits.

Often, Third Country Nationals—men and women from third-world countries—work as cheap labor on or near U.S. military bases in danger and war zones. They may be skilled labor or unskilled labor from Turkey, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Phnom Penh, Asia, South America, Central America. These employees are people who are trying to make a living for their family, therefore they go overseas to work and send the money home to their families.

The employers of Third Country Nationals are U.S. Department of Defense contractors and sub-contractors from the Middle East, Russia, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America & the U.S.

The U.S. Department of Defense pays the employers—DoD contractors & “subs”, therefore, employees—Third Country Nationals—are covered by the Defense Base Act Law. While the employers must report deaths, not all of them know that they should. They may know that they should’ve reported the death but did not.

What happens to Third Country Nationals?

When Third Country Nationals die, become severely sick or are injured working dangerous DoD contractor and subs jobs they are potentially able to receive death benefits under the Defense Base Act. Many people do not know that they are eligible for medical care, compensation or death benefits, as a result, they do not receive proper medical care or benefits. Spouses and children are eligible for benefits when a father or mother dies working for the U.S. Government in a danger zone.

Often, employers send Third Country Nationals home without explaining that they have rights to medical care, benefits & compensation, Sometimes employers know and sometimes they don’t know.

The reason it is so complicated is that only a flowchart or a graph would be able to track and show who is working for whom. Other times it’s intentionally withheld information  the employers do not monitor deaths, injuries and illnesses on the job.

Ask your employer about your insurance and DBA rights and benefits when you go overseas for work on a U.S. Government job. You can also watch Brian’s Video to know more about your rights.

If you are injured on duty and even before you are deployed overseas, you can always contact Garfinkel Schwartz Law Firm and send us your questions. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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